The guided meditation incorporates the beautiful spiritual paintings of Denise Dmochowski. The images in her work create a visual base for the meditation. The foundation of the meditation is the heart chakra. It is a journey of compassion and love. It is about our connection to each other and to our world.

         The meditation also incorporates the use of singing bowls and Reiki. It is a deeply relaxing experience. During the meditation an Axiatonal Re-Alignment occurs. This is a simple yet powerful “tune up” of the energy system. It works to re-connect and align the meridian lines of the body to the universal grid system and planetary grid system. The re-alignment rejuvenates mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels of our being.


Denise Dmochowski graduated from Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts, New Brunswick, NJ.  Her work has been exhibited in cities across the country and abroad. In addition to being an artist, she is certified in five different healing modalities: Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna Master/Teacher, Seichem Sekham Master/Teacher, Advanced Pranic Healer, and Reconnective Healer.